Touch is essential !

JoyHaptics Ltd is a Finnish startup company that focuses on humanizing technology and improving the quality of human life. More specifically our focus is on haptic user interfaces and creating solutions for communication based on touch. Haptics -word means touch sensation in our hands and other parts of the skin.  

Our mission is to use touch as a way to communicate remotely and provide various easy to use remote touch haptic solutions to improve our daily life. In other words, we add third sense in our remote communication in addition to vision and hearing.

Joyhaptics’s mindset is summarized as following: humanizing technology, high quality and high end, simple to use and intuitive, innovative and technologically advanced brand name products and solutions.

Present wireless and mobile communication is audiovisual as shown by the human roadmap for communication below. In other words, it is based on two senses: hearing and seeing. However, there is a need for other senses. Joyhaptics will add touch as a third element into our electrical communication array. There is a demand for remote touch e.g. in well-being and loneliness, Skype, Virtual Reality etc. Remote touch will enable people to touch remotely with the help of Joyhaptics’ device and solutions and make the communication more personal and profound.

Touch is emotion !

Human roadmap for communication 08012017