Challenges in long distance relationships

An estimated 2.9% of US marriages were considered long distance. With 1 in 10 marriages reported to have included a period at long distance within the first 3 years. Between 25-40% or of all romantic relationships among students attending colleges across the US are Long Distances.

Tens of millions of parents are apart from the children. This is due to extensive travel, remarriages or forced to live separately.

Humans have a fundamental psychological need to touch and to be touched by another person. Touch is a strong silent means of communication.

Every day on the planet, millions of people have no choice but to deal with being miles apart from their loved ones. LDRs (Long Distance Relationship) are currently a big problem that need to be solved.  


Loneliness is an increasing global mega trend, which causes serious mental and physical problems. By increasing the feeling of connectivity, well-being of people will increase.