iXu awarded 2nd place at Kasvu Open


Jussi and Kai were all smiles after being awarded the second place along with an honorary mention on the Future Health and Wellbeing track at the Kasvu Open event. iXu received a lot of attention and was praised for being a truly unique solution for an extremely important global issue. And on top of that, iXu was unanimously determined cute and cuddly!


Our paper on the science behind iXu is out

We have done extensive research on affective haptics and remote touch solutions in order to find the perfect solution to alleviate touch hunger.

In our paper, we present a human road map for communication from past to present (and beyond!) and discuss the role of touch, namely remote touch, in our lives. Touch is a strong, silent mean of communication, yet widely missing from our digital communication arsenal. Remote touch can potentially be used in various ways, reaching from social interaction to therapeutic use. In this paper, we present the early steps we took in the development process for a remote touch solution for social communication.

Click here to read the full paper!


JoyHaptics chosen to the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track in Kasvu Open

JoyHaptics was one of the twenty companies that were selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track out of 68 high-level applicants. 

The companies represent a wide spectrum of innovations ranging from health and wellbeing solutions to drug development, occupational welfare and diagnostics. The 20 growth-seeking companies selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track share a mission to improve human health, increase wellbeing, and genuinely improve the world. 

For more information, see the press release by Kasvu Open.

Kasvu Open is the largest project for sparring eager-to-grow companies with growth experts in Finland.


The next big thing in communication – remote touch

Welcome to EIT Digital’s second Lunch Talk for 2017. Lunch will be served 11:45:ish.

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Topic: The Next Big Thing in Communication – Remote Touch
Speaker: Jussi Tuovinen from JoyHaptics
Time: Noon 8 February (Lunch served at 11:45)
Location: EIT Digital Open Innovation House, 2nd Floor Live streaming to Eindhoven, Berlin, Trento, and Stockholm Nodes

Remote touch will be the next big step in human communication after our present audiovisual tools for communication. JoyHaptics is a startup developing a new exciting emotional communication device and solution based on remote touch between people. The digital world and Virtual Reality will be important application areas for our solution.

Jussi Tuovinen, D.Sc. (Tech) has extensive experience in globally leading Research and Technology Organizations (RTO), business development, and innovation management in the area of micro- and nanotechnology, smart systems, sensing, space instruments, advanced materials, and bioengineering. He has renewed operations and build several new competitive initiatives in multi-disciplinary and international environments. Dr. Tuovinen has extensive international work experience in CEO & VP level. In total, he has spent over seven years in several European countries and US. More specifically, he was Executive Director, CRANN & AMBER, Trinity College Dublin, 2014, Vice President, R&D, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, 2006-2013 and Visiting Vice President, CEA LETI, France, 2010-11. As the Laboratory Director he built from scratch the Millimetre Wave Laboratory of Finland & European Space Agency (ESA) Centre of Excellence, 1996-2004. For over six years, in 1999-2006, he was also Research Professor in millimeter wave technology at VTT. He has large experience in international professional alliances, networks, associations, building ecosystems, and working together with industry in different leading roles. He has over 220 scientific publications and several patents. Since 2015, he has been CEO and Co-Founder of Joyhaptics Ltd focused on remote touch between people.


The JoyHaptics team is actively present in the very hot event SLUSH16, Nov 30-Dec 1, 2016, Helsinki, Finland.

Drop us a message and we will tell you more about our exciting approach for the emotional communication based on a remote touch device!

JoyHaptics in Silicon Valley

JoyHaptics’ CEO Jussi Tuovinen will have an extensive tour in Silicon Valley to meet investors and key collaborators during Sept 10-21, 2016.

Please be free to contact him to have a chat about our exciting touch-based communication solution.

StartMeUp competition win

JoyHaptics was awarded “The Best Business Idea Based on Research“ –prize of 2000 euros in the Start Me Up business idea competition in May 12, 2016, Joensuu, Finland. This competition was organized by the Joensuu Science Park. Start Me Up competition has grown into a national phenomenon being held for the 15th time and having a record-breaking 269 business ideas submitted for the competition.

See JoyHaptics’ Winning Business Idea in the Start Me Up -competition


High science meets business

JoyHaptics CEO Dr. Jussi Tuovinen was elected to become member of the European Academy of Sciences and Art.

The European Academy of Sciences and Arts is one of the biggest “Think Tanks” in Europe and connects over 1700 scientists, worldwide, among them 32 Nobel Prize winners.

As an “independent knowledge pool” the Academy aims to discuss current issues across different academic fields and cultures as well as promoting transnational dialog for the good of those living and working in Europe.

Basically, the Academy focuses on three areas: The development of knowledge, the dissemination of scientific information, and the implementation of international projects.