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Where did all that time go? The first days always seem to last forever and they are filled with love-induced exhilaration. But then, all of a sudden, you have only a couple of days left and that overwhelming sadness having to leave hits you in the face. It is hard to sleep now. Or do you even want to sleep? The less you sleep, the more you have time to spend with your love! But you need to sleep, or you are all over the place with your emotions. Damn, it is so difficult!

You are on your way to the airport. It is impossible to fight tears at this point. You hold hands and try to be as physically close as possible. Soon that touch will only be a memory. You try to save these moments in your head. What does that touch feel like? What does your loved one smell like? You study his face and try to hold on to that memory as hard as possible.

Time to say goodbye. You have to go through the security check and your love can’t follow you. Your heart breaks – just like it always does at this point. It is hard to let go. But you will let go. You have done it before. You have survived every time, so why not this time? He gives you an encouraging smile through his tears. How is that even helpful? It just causes more tears to run down your face as you walk away. How did you become that crazy person in the security check line everyone looks at? Damn this LDR!

You are heading home. Starting to calm down. You look through all those pictures you took during your stay and think about the time you will meet again. It makes you smile.

After all, no distance can separate you from the person you so deeply love. You know that you will make it through.



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