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Did you know that the sense of touch is central in children’s growth of physical abilities, language and cognitive skills, and social-emotional competency? Yes, just a simple touch has so much power in shaping us.

We grownups might sometimes overlook the essential nature of touch since we can always resort to our words in expressing ourselves, but for a newborn, touch is the only way to learn about their world, socialize with their caregivers, form emotional bonds and communicate their needs through touch. Ok, a little crying might be involved in the communication part, but what do you do when you encounter a crying baby? You instantly know what to do: you hold the baby in your arms, move around and gently caress him/her.

It is vital that we do this since touch brings both short-term and long-term benefits for a child right from the beginning – and does not end there. Touch is as important to children of any age in creating a safe growing environment where a child can practice the social, emotional and cognitive skills needed throughout the lifespan.

Truly, touch plays an extremely central role in a child’s development. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to know that just hugging your children brings so much good in their lives? But how about those who are separated from their children for long periods of time? This piece of information might be even scary for them.

How can iXu help in this situation?

  1. iXu mimics the gentle (or tactile, as we call it) touch of the caregiver over distance, and so brings all the benefits that a direct touch would bring.
  2. iXu helps also the parents to cope with the distance when they know they can soothe their child.
  3. iXu is essentially a teddy bear, which makes it comforting even when it is not on. It is as soft and huggable as any cuddly toy.
  4. iXu is safe without small parts, and can so be used also as a bedtime toy. A gentle caress helps the child to fall asleep and to sleep better.

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