What do people in a LDR miss?

LDR word cloud

According to our own background research on long-distance relationships, touch is the number one thing that the LDR couples miss when being away from each other.  Majority of our survey respondents listed terms such as touching or physical contact as the biggest issue in being away from their loved one. Words related to touching, such as hugs, kisses, and cuddling, were also common. Another notable area was comprised of words and phrases describing emotional intimacy, such as companionship, closeness, and togetherness.

So, what did the respondents say they do to cope with the distance? As you might guess, they heavily lie on technology: talking on the phone, sending text messages and following each other on social media were the most common ways to keep in contact. Staying in touch brings them comfort and certainty about their relationship, but they feel like mobile communication is not always enough. They also strongly felt that there is a place for iXu midst of the tech they already use, especially in times when they really miss their significant other.

In light of our research, we are confident of iXu being the solution for so many people not being able to be physically close to their loved ones. We cannot wait to roll it out!


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