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Months have passed since the last time you met. Plane tickets have been burning in your pocket for weeks now. You are finally on your way to meet your love again. During the flight (that seems to last an eternity or two) are just too excited to sit still, let alone sleep. The plane lands and you can’t wait to get to the terminal. There your love is! Finally! You feel a rush of emotions – or more like all the emotions. You are extremely happy but what are those tears on your cheeks? Oh brain, get a grip! You notice speeding up your step to half a run. What happens next?

You guessed it! You just run straight to your love and give the biggest and tightest caress mankind has ever seen. Or ok, they saw it the last time you guys met… And maybe they have seen it in some Hollywood movies, where it all looks so romantic and beautiful. But is it really romantic and beautiful? 

Romantic? Maybe, but I’d say it is more heart-aching than anything else. Beautiful? Excuse me?? How the heck could it be beautiful when the other (extremely sleep-deprived) party just spent the last 12 hours flying across the planet and is now making a weird crying run towards another person? I haven’t seen a video of myself in this situation but based on the scared looks I have received at the airport, I seem like running away from a plane crash rather than a Hollywood star. 

The weird thing is that after the longest embrace, everything just goes back to normal. Of course, you still feel so overwhelmingly happy, but it is like you never were apart, isn’t it? You walk to the car hand in hand, talk about your day, how everyone is doing and what to do next. Totally normal human behavior after a day being a heart-aching maniac who can’t sleep, eat or think straight.

Well, that is life in a long-distance relationship. An emotional rollercoaster on steroids. But on that rollercoaster, one thing is for sure: you feel like you never want to let that hand go now that you finally get to hold it.

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