With iXu Smart Bear - Remote touch solution for isolated people to feel closeness and touch


Who is iXu for?

Long-distance relationships

iXu strengthens the social and emotional bonds that only a touch can bring
into long-distance love-relationships.

Traveling parents

Touch plays an important part in a child’s development. iXu ensures that the element of physical closeness is there even during the most hectic travel schedules.

Out-of-state grandparents

iXu helps to build a strong bond between an out-of-state grandparents and their grandchildren as well as to alleviate the feeling of longing. iXu is intuitive to use also for the elderly.


iXu is huggable teddy bear which mirrors touch over distance

iXu bear mirrors your loved one´s hand movement with its arm to give the feeling of a caress while transmitting your touch anywhere in the world to the person you miss in return.

The iXu app

Using iXu app you and the touch screen you can send a mirrored touch to your loved ones iXu bear. Alternatively you can send a recorded touch to be received later. This feature is very useful over different time zone communication. You can also chat with iXu app. Later new features are added to the iXu app.

How our solution works


Think about your loved one.


Use the iXu App or the iXu Bear
to send a touch.


The iXu Bear will caress
your loved one.

Our solution overview



Physical closeness in grandparent-grandchild relationships

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We strive to bring joyful moments and happiness to people’s lives – with a touch of love.

Join our community for weekly blogs, active Facebook discussions around the topic, and help us to bring the element of touch to every relationship, no matter what the distance.

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Founded on an ambitious goal and a big heart.

In 2014, Jussi Tuovinen, an award-winning engineer and scientist, found himself in a long-distance relationship. While he was working in Dublin, Ireland, his family lived in Espoo, Finland.

Despite the variety of options of staying in touch with his wife, Jussi noticed he was still missing something. The feeling of true closeness just was not fully deliverable through mere words and seeing each other on screen.

Jussi saw this as a challenge: where there is a problem, there is a solution. Jussi together with his co-founder, Kai, went on to research different types of technical solutions and human psychology to create a humane real-life experience of touch that can be sent over distance.

So began the story of JoyHaptics in 2015. To this day, Jussi and Kai have been perfecting the product to convey a true experience of caress and closeness. The product launch is approaching and we are ready for the next big step in mobile communication. Are you?

The Science behind JoyHaptics

We all need touch – How science and technology are helping long-distance relationships and beyond

Humans have a fundamental psychological, physical and social need to touch and to be touched by another person.


Jussi Tuovinen
CEO, Co-founder, D.Sc.(Tech)

Lead 200 M€ R&D&I work. Commercialized dozen smart systems innovations. Award winning Big Bang Space Scientist.

Kai Martesuo
Product development, Co-founder, BSc

Commercialized the world first talking dive-computer for global markets. Serial entrepreneur.

Nina Ignatius

Over 15 years of worldwide branding experience. Forbes Winner: 40 Women To Watch Over 40.

Crister Schoultz
Sales & Marketing

Long experience on international sales, partner management, and investment banking. Several positions as CEO and CFO in leading companies.


Ajay Prabhu 

PhD, COO of Quest Global, India/Singapore Grew a company from 200 to 10 000 employees, and achieved over 25% revenue growth while maintaining the company’s position as one of the most profitable in the industry.

Joy Laskar

PhD, serial entrepreneur, San Francisco Bay Area. Has achieved more than $1B economic impact with wireless solutions.

Ilkka Hämäläinen

PhD in Innovation and Growth, MSc (Economics), BSc (Tech) Serial entrepreneur and innovation consultant. Founder and partner of over 30 companies.

Tapani Jokinen

Internationally recognized Strategic & Ecodesign expert with 25 years of experience, bringing success in commercial products like most loved Nokia 3310.



Two main newspapers/magazines in Finland wrote nice articles about iXu

Näin toimii suomalainen älynalle, joka "siirtää" ihmisen kosketuksen toiselle puolelle maailmaa Espoossa toimiva suomalainen JoyHaptics Oy on kehittänyt mobiilikäyttöisen ”älynallen”, jolla voi välittää kosketuksen ihmiseltä toiselle langattomasti vaikka toiseen maahan. Tietoverkkoon kytkeytyvän…
KasvuOpen News

iXu awarded 2nd place at Kasvu Open

Jussi and Kai were all smiles after being awarded the second place along with an honorary mention on the Future Health and Wellbeing track at the Kasvu Open event. iXu…

JoyHaptics chosen to the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track in Kasvu Open

JoyHaptics was one of the twenty companies that were selected for the Future Health and Wellbeing Growth Track out of 68 high-level applicants.  The companies represent a wide spectrum of innovations…


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