The next big step in social communication 

Joyhaptics smart remote touch solution makes it possible to bring the feeling of a caress in mobile communication by physical tactile unit and integrated intelligent software. Our solution will add depth and value for present mobile communication in a totally new way. The emotional experience will expand dramatically. 

The Product and benefits

We have prototypes ready. Using these we have carried out potential target groups interviews, which have confirmed the market traction and benefits of our solutions.

Our solution has many positive effects:

  1. Brings a feeling of touch to relationships, which is what long-distance couples miss the most
  2. New user experience
  3. Brings a feeling of being connected => relief from loneliness
  4. Higher emotional impact
  5. More comfortable way for emotionally communicate & less misunderstandings
  6. Touch increases well-being of a person in many ways
  7. Cost savings in traveling

Platforms and ecosystem

Later, our solution will lead to platforms and an ecosystem for remote touch and large variety of emotional related solutions.

Internet of Feelings (IoF)

Internet of Feelings (IoF) mean internet-based technologies (IoT) for measuring and analysing physical traces for detecting emotions and feelings. This information can be utilized in communicating, monitoring health status or other human's condition. Digital communication includes more and more emotional information. IoT technology and artificial intelligence (AI) enables new applications. Our remote touch solution is an essential part of IoF.