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The social and health sector makes use of the Finnish startup’s touch wirelessly transmitting smart teddy bear

Finnish JoyHaptics Oy has confirmed six new cooperation projects in the mental health and well-being industry. The company’s smart touch bear iXu will be implemented with social and health sector and education sector operators focusing on youth, elderly and disabled services.

The latest orders include research cooperation together with Valtion koulokodit (state owned reformatory) located in Mikkeli, the special support class of Lauttasaari elementary school located in Helsinki, and the Autism Foundation. In addition to these, a new collaboration begins with the Omakoti Foundation, which produces housing and care center services for the elderly, and two other operators managing service units for people with dementia. On the education side, JoyHaptics cooperates with representatives of several health fields. Cooperation has started with Metropolia and Häme universities of applied sciences in the areas of health technology and digital smart solutions.

“The increase in order volumes in the social, health and education sectors is not only significant to sales, but it is an important opening for the use of our health technology on an ever-wider basis,” says Jussi Tuovinen, CEO of JoyHaptics.

The importance of the sense of touch for an individual’s development, health and well-being is undeniable.

JoyHaptics’ smart teddy bear solution is valuable in a situation where you cannot touch a person with your own hands, for example to hug. The JoyHaptics smart device enables individual social remote touch. Smart bear enables emotional communication and a sense of presence remotely.

More information:

Jussi Tuovinen, D.Sc. (Tech)

CEO, Co-founder, JoyHaptics Ltd, www.joyhaptics.com

Webshop at www.ixubear.com

Elimäenkatu 17-19, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

Mobile +358 40 5899132 | Jussi@joyhaptics.com

JoyHaptics Oy is a health and wellness startup company that has brought a new dimension to remote communication based on haptics. Joyhaptics has brought to the market the first health innovation that can wirelessly transmit our most pleasant stroking touch from one person to another. The product includes an iXu smart bear and an application that can be downloaded to a smartphone. The solution has many applications for the closeness of family members and the mental well-being of young people and the elderly in the welfare sector.

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